WD Web Reseller is a Multi Website Creation and Management White Label System

How does it work?

This system is a dream come true, simply...

1. Decide your domain name (we can help with that)
2. We will get your system set up and ready to use
3. We will train you how to use the system
4. You start offering websites!
5. Your monthly cost to us is a $100 admin fee
plus $5 per website per month with basic cart or $10 per full web/eCommerce site per month.

Now You Can Offer Websites and Ecommerce, From Your Location, Around the World!

We have built a complete template website system from the ground up. If you were to develop a template website system equal to this from scratch, the amount of time involved, financial investement and human capital reserves is immense. We have done the hard work... Now you reap the benefits!

You decide what price or even give them away, it's up to you.

Example: You own a swimsuit company and want to get your brand in front of all the swim teams in the country. What if you gave away a website to every swim team in return they have your shopping cart imbedded in their site.

You can update a page that automatically updates all sites no matter how many. We call them system pages that can be put in some or all the sites.

Your customers are going to love the ease and cost of the site, saving them a lot of money, plus they have you to help them up!

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