WHY Choose WD Web Reseller?

Here's the top reasons companies use our template website system!

1. To start their own website hosting company

This is the easiest and most profitable way! This type of business gives you residual income. Not many companies you start have that benefit and it is a big one. Not having to start all over every month from scratch and having a monthly income until that last customer leaves.

2. Companies add website services to their existing customers. Businesses are already dealing with many customers in a certain industry...

Example: Radio stations – News Papers – Copy Shops – TV Stations

Niche companies are endless to name! It might be a website companies that is in a niche market like horses; their site has everything for horse owners. Like Breeders, feed, boarding, trainers, equipment, trailers, the list goes on and on. So now they can offer websites to their customers. This helps them with another product offering and it also helps everyone in that group. And by having everyone using the same system, they can help each other out, share links, and it will be much easier for customers to find them. And the original Horse Website could have a global page on all sub sites to link back to the group.

3. Companies looking to capture a certain market, where giving complimentary sites makes good sense.

Example: You own a major Swim Suit Company and school swim teams are a big part of your market.

You give all the Swim Teams a free website so they can post information about events, the team and even add a link to accept donations.

The Swim Suit Company gets a page or two on every site, that is controlled by the Swim Suite Company, to change any time they choose.

4. Governments and City/County Agencies

The city and government agencies are spending why too much money on websites, and all too often they are not very efficient. They are using many different companies and platforms. Now they can control all sites, and certain pages on all sites, from one admin panel. So, for instance, if they post school closing information, it will automatically update on all sites.

We give you all the controls to add websites and delete at will, you can control the look and feel of every site if needed. I would guess even a small city would save thousands a year. Remember we are only talking about $5 per site, per month.

If all the cities and government used this system it would save millions that could be spent some place else!

Most people can learn to use this system in about a half hour, so you will never feel locked in with any person running the sites. It might be a good idea to have one person controlling all the sites for the city/ town. We are talking about the departments and divisions, more than the main government site. For example, Fire Stations – Animal Control - Police – Councils Senior Services – Local Festivals, etc.

5. Franchises and Organizations

The Franchiser can control the look and feel of the website and how many pages they control and what pages the franchisee controls. This opens a lot of doors for franchisees to allow their franchise to have information for their local customers to see what they are up to.

Example: You have a bank with 50 branches. What if you can give each branch its own site... You can give the branch control to update one page for local events. For example: Friday is serving up donuts and coffee from 10 to 12. And Saturday the staff is going to clean up Kids Creek starting at 1 pm, come join us!

6. Non-Profits and Large Groups

It can be a nightmare trying to keep your organizations websites all on the same page when you have locations all over the country. Many organizations have one website that tells you where all their locations are and maybe a phone number or Email address for each, and that’s about it.

By using our system, all locations can have their own website. The headquarters might want to control two pages on all sites, one for the national newsletter and one for corporate polices. Or maybe all the locations have the main website duplicated, they all look the same, except one page on the site for each location to communicate with their local supporters. The system also gives the option to send private messages to the locations.

It is easy to share graphics, PDF’s and content to locations too. And the headquarters will still only go to one admin panel to change pages globally, no matter how many sites or different domain names there are for the locations.

7. Schools

Schools have endless possibilities that they can use this system for! Large schools districts, colleges, and universities would have the power to only have to update school news in one place and it would automatically be posted on all the sites, no matter of how many domains or number of sites there are. You can set up different groups under your main site, all with different global pages with specific information and updates.

Schools can use it for their students and the teacher can control all the sites. The teacher can set up assignments for the students, and create a website that caters to ______. And with a built in shopping cart, they can even set up a store and try their skills in the real world of eCommerce.

Photography schools: We can add the www.morephotos.net photo shopping cart to the websites.

If you have a photo school please call us! We have worked out an agreement between MorePhotos and PayPal to offer the system free to photography schools for their students.

8. Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless!